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Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

Since starting the Project, we find that sometimes people want to learn more about why we are including some information and not other information. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

  • Why a selfie, why not a professional photo? The photos on Motherscholar.orgare intended to highlight realness in being both a mother and a scholar. Professional photos tend to emphasize particular ways of being and demonstrating ones presence.
  • Why include ethnicity? Ethnicity allows for individuals to self-identify ifthey so choose. Seeing others from similar or different background offers opportunities for reflection. And for those from traditionally marginalized communities, the benefit of seeing someone else from a similar background can be empowering, whether as a role model or as a potential connection for the future.
  • Why include location? Including the location provides a way to show broadly where motherscholars are working and could lead towards community building.
  • Why include academic rank but not information about research topics? The academic position gives a generalized indication of rank, providing insight to progression in the academic pipeline. Research topics while fascinating, could also draw divisions between people as some fields are considered of higher status versus others. By generalizing the rank, it provides a steadier gaze across all motherscholars.
  • Why include number and age of children? The number and age of children help provide insight to the life of the motherscholar, offering inspiration for others who are unsure about the potential of combining roles.
  • Is there more to The Motherscholar Project? By joining on motherscholar.org, you become a part of The Motherscholar Project, and join an international network of motherscholars interested in empowerment, community, and advocacy. By being willing to show yourself as a motherscholar, you are creating the basis for developing a strong international motherscholar community. You then choose how much you want to be a part of the community, perhaps adding your photo is enough (and it is!) or maybe you also want to volunteer to lead a workshop or other event. In the future, such motherscholar workshops, conferences, lectures, and mini-writing retreats could then be shared through the Project for all to access easily.