Motherscholar.org, a part of The Motherscholar Project*, seeks to empower, build community, and advocate for motherscholars throughout the world by highlighting through visual representation the presence of women who are both mothers and scholars throughout academia.

As more women enter academia worldwide, there is an increasing representation of motherscholars within academia and thus a clear need to support such students, faculty, and staff.  The Motherscholar Project demonstrates the global presence and excellence of motherscholars with children ranging from pregnancy through adulthood, throughout the academic pipeline from adjunct faculty, directors, graduate students, assistant, associate, full professors, to deans, and has garnered growing support from across North America, Africa, Europe, Eurasia, Asia, and Oceania.**

The Motherscholar Project seeks to collaborate with others to enhance diversity, access, and equity throughout academia.

We have provided lectures, presentations, consultations, workshops, roundtables, discussion groups, and mini writing retreats. We are always looking for how to support our growing community, so if you have an idea or want to support the Project in anyway, we would love to hear from you!

*Thank you to Cheryl Matias for the integral term “motherscholar” (Matias, 2011) as a way to “coalesce” the identities of academic and mother, and for the willingness to join the Project.
**This project is an outcome of a seed grant from the Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan. No funds from the grant were used to create/run this website.